Yoga Mate

Own your yoga mate with intelligent yoga mat

11.2017 – 12.2017


Yoga Mate is a kit that includes a mobile application and a yoga mat. Together, These allow the user to see and improve the details of their yoga postures, and gain mental comfort from taking a class at their own pace. The yoga mat measures the balance of the body and instantly notifies the user of errors, helping them to fix their posture during the class. It also allows the instructor to give personal coaching to students.


User researcher & UI Designer 
User research and UI design – Started from creating a discussion guide for the user interview and created UI design and prototyping



Yoga is a good exercise both mentally and physically, but it takes time for practitioners to see its effects on their bodies. Most people quite within 3 months of starting, which is what experts describe as “the moment of visibly”


Why it is hard for student to keep doing yoga more than 3 months?

1. Contextual Inquiry Interview

 I conduct a contextual inquiry interview to observe the actual yoga session and ask some question based on specific context.

A. Observation

I observed 3 sessions of classic yoga from the different yoga institutions. All institutions are located in Seoul, South Korea.

B. User Interview

I interviewed total 12 people who are consisted of 6 students and 6 instructor.

6 students are,  3: Beginners and / 3: Advanced and also categorized 2 Teens/ 2 Millennials / and 2 Gen X

6 Instructors are, 3: 1-3 years of work experiences / 3: More than 5 years of work experiences


I synthesized the observation report and user interview on user journey map

Eventually, the users want to have 3 kinds of services, which are
1. Sharing experience with other yoga students to get confidence that empowers them
2. Coaching service focused on personal and instant feedback
3. Ability to review each yoga posture and personal performances


How might we provide a personal and instant coaching to the student to help the busy yoga instructor during the session?

3. Design Concept

“Smart Yoga Mat Becomes Your Best Yoga Mate”

A. Technical Concept

B. Data Diagram

During context inquiry interview, I found a relationship between the yoga mat and each posture. Each posture has a different balance of weight. So, with a user’s individual physical data, we can provide feedback of correct balance points, while tracking the instructor and other students’ posture data.
Tracked data would include “User’s weight and height” and “each posture’s balance position and press weight”

4. Design Mockup

With smart yoga mat, a mobile application also can help the user monitor how they are performing during the yoga class, and review performance after class as well. This app acts as the communication bridge between students and instructors.

This UI appears on student’s application when yoga class starts. They can put it on the yoga mat so that they can monitor it during the class. They can see how many postures they’ve done through a progress bar, and also on the lower part of the screen they can also see the instruction for the current posture as well as breath information.

On the other side, this UI appears on the teacher’s application. They also can see the progress of the yoga class. The most important part is they can check student’s performance. The app shows the current as well as last two postures of each student. By showing these 3 postures at the same time, the teacher can see and directly go to students who are doing poorly.

Through this diary view, the students can keep track of their performance and also they can review some of the high levels of postures for them.

One of the main pain-points that came out of interviews was there are no chances to get closer with other students, ask questions, or get some feedback. So, through this community menu, people can share or exchange their experiences.

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