Consumer Loyalty Platform

A rewarding experience in a mobile app

09.2017 – 01.2018


NTUC Link runs one of Singapore’s largest consumer loyalty programs. While over 2 million members are using the Plus! physical card and services, it lacked a mobile on-the-go experience. So NTUC Link design team came to us to strategize and envision the next generation of NTUC Plus!


Lead Designer
Crafted one design concept, overall UI flow, and interactive prototype



How can we create a rewarding mobile app experience
for new & existing Plus! card members?

1. User Interview

We did an in-depth 1:1 interview with 24 participants across Singapore.
The participants came from a mix of different age range, gender, and socio-economic status.


A. 8 Key Insights

After Interview, we could find these 8 key insights that are including a perception of loyalty and reward to them and also a need for flexibility of using LinkPoints
by choosing the preferred rewards or sharing with friends or families. 

However, most importantly users currently view loyalty programs more as a profit & loss deal. Not a relationship.

B. Persona

Based on user interview, we created 4 types of personas that are convenience seeker, traditional shopper, promotion junkie, and brand conscious. 

C. User Journey

How we can integrate the interview insights into the user experience in the mobile app?
First of all, We mapped out 4 persons’ user journey individually and clustered together. And we can find some interesting insight from here. There are distinctly different needs and exciting points from 4 groups.

Focus on exciting moments of different persona and think about how the LINK program can have a sustaining relationship with all users.


4 personas show a pattern that

Convenience seeker and Traditional shopper want a satisfied experience from Earning and Checking points, and Payment 

whereas, Promotion junkie and Brand conscious are excited on Exploring deals, Redeeming points, and social campaigns.

3. Design Concept

Since we discovered there are different needs during the journey, we decided to have 2 distinct design concepts. Concept A(Functional) focuses on convenience and personal utility, while Concept B(Social&Fun) focuses on entertaining users through elements of gamification and feeling connectedness with their friends and families. I got the responsibility to create Concept A’s user stories and UI design while Link team took on Concept B.


How might we make the users convenient to save, spend, and explore rewards like their personal wallet?

A. Simple Structure Depending on User Behavior Patterns

B. Using a Physical Card in a Wallet Metaphor

C. Categorising the Rewards with Usage Types


With 3 key design concepts, I created a prototype using Principle.

5. User Testing

We conducted user testing with the two design concepts prototyping. Through this research, we found out that 5 out of 10 respondents preferred the Functional Design Concept because they felt that it is more user-friendly. 5 other respondents preferred the Fun/Social Design Concept because they felt happy and relaxed through the attractive colors and illustrations. So we decided to take the overall structure from Functional concept and from fun&social concept, look and feel and visual elements are taken for the next move. 

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